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Full Visibility: Customer and Product Profitability

Accounting for Manufacturing Series


Full visibility into profitability is made easy with OneStream's automated allocations and flexible reporting tools. We will work with you to create interactive dashboards to clearly view customer and product profitability across key products, customer segments, and channels in real-time.

AIT Consulting will partner with you to...

  • Visualize the impact of planning decisions on profitability and margins with "what-if" driver-based planning

  • Maintain one "governed" source of truth for data extending access to line of business managers and executives with confidence

  • Combine financial, operational, and transactional data in a single dashboard for comprehensive visualization and analysis

We pride ourselves on our custom OneStream dashboards, tailored to your organizational needs. This visibility is a critical component for decision-makers and P&L stakeholders to respond quickly.

OneStream XF is the complete solution to modernize your planning, financial close, reporting, and analysis with a single, unified finance platform.

Contact us at AIT Consulting to discuss your customized OneStream solution today.

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