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Lead at Speed and Drive Performance with OneStream XF

Accounting for Manufacturing Series


Here at AIT Consulting, we have a passion for helping organizations optimize performance with integrated business planning, analytics, and financial signaling utilizing OneStream.

With deep roots in the industrial and manufacturing sector, we work closely with companies to implement and optimize their daily, weekly, and monthly operational & financial data using OneStream XF.

OneStream XF empowers rapid-response decisions with in-solution access to granular, business-driver data that is automatically aligned to financials. Not just (buzz!) words... Implementing the platform allows manufacturers, and beyond, to:

  • Plan at the granular, business-driver level with specialty planning solutions; dynamically aligned to financial goals

  • Combine governed financial and operational data within the same data model and unique, unified experience

  • Leverage OneStream's financial intelligence with operational data, turn financial signals and trends into actionable insights on daily or weekly data

  • Gain full auditability & transparency between financial and operational data without data latency


Daily | Weekly | Monthly Dynamic Insights


Monthly Financials

  • Consolidated Actuals

  • P&L Balance Sheet, Cash Flow

  • Financial Plans & Forecasts

  • Operational Plans

  • Management Reporting

Daily/Weekly Operational & Financial Data

  • Supplier Performance

  • Orders and Shipments

  • Customer Churn

  • Working Capital

  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

OneStream XF is the complete solution to modernize your planning, financial close, reporting, and analysis with a single, unified finance platform.

Contact us at AIT Consulting to discuss your customized OneStream solution today.

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