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NEW - OneStream's Account Rec Release

If your organization currently uses the OneStream XF platform, and you haven't already, I highly encourage you to take a look at the XF MarketPlace. The XF MarketPlace offers a wide array of solutions that can be implemented on top of your current OneStream Platform. One such solution is the Account Reconciliations Solution. Why pay for Black Line or some other account rec solution when you can take advantage of OneStream's truly unified platform? Some key abilities of the Account Reconciliation Solution are as follows:

  • Create reconciliation groups to simplify maintenance

  • Instantly discover new required reconciliations

  • Link to Account Reconciliations with seed values

  • Pull forward prior reconciliations and supporting documents

  • Attach documents, templates or commentary to support the reconciliation

  • Templates auto download with required reconciliations populated and re-import for a simplified end user experience

  • Complete exception and aging reporting for immediate visibility to unreconciled accounts

  • Recognizing items are flagged with clearing date and categorized by impact type

  • Automatic e-mail alerting for instant notification.

It is worth noting that, per usual, OneStream didn't just come up with the solution and stop there. They have since improved on the Account Reconciliation Solution to provide for the following:

  • Multi-Currency Functionality

  • Balance Checks can now be pulled at a Dimension level

  • Ease of use for Administrators to create AutoRec rules by selecting different criteria from a grid

OneStream Software's ever growing (and improving) solutions show how committed they are to every single one of their customers.

AIT Consulting has deep OneStream Implementation and accounting experience. See our previous blog post on our very own Account Rec Mission Control Solution and contact us today to discuss how we can assist your organization.

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