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OneStream Parcel Service - Reporting Automation

It's 1 A.M. and you've finally finished reviewing the numbers. Time to go home? Not so fast. As most accountants know, the next step is to send these reports to senior management. Sometimes you may have to save as a different file type first. Sometimes you may have to send different versions to varying levels of management. It's now 2 A.M. and you're staring at your outbox to make sure the file has been sent. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Avoid this unnecessary stress and time-waste with OneStream Parcel Service. This XF MarketPlace Solution takes the tedious administrative work out of your close process by emailing files or copying files into a File Share. It can even be leveraged early in the close process by sending out preliminary reports as soon as Trial Balances have been loaded. OneStream Parcel Service can be used in combination with a Data Management Sequence to occur either at a certain date/time or after a certain event has occurred. Alternatively, it can be used in combination with a Dashboard action button configured to execute with a simple click of a button. OneStream Parcel Service even offers the flexibility of emailing different reports based on the varying levels of security/user groups. Nervous that the reports weren't actually sent out? OneStream Parcel Service can be set up to notify a specified user once certain steps have been completed.

Contact us at AIT Consulting to learn more about the opportunity to leverage Parcel Service in combination with existing OneStream solutions to minimize the pain during your organization's close process.

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