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People Planning with OneStream

Recently I've been inundated with articles relating to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how organizations are adapting. There are so many considerations that employers are faced with related to the virus such as reducing transmission and protecting their employees, all while maintaining business operations.

Now more than ever, it is important for leaders to have the right software in place to plan headcount, salaries and compensation. Spreadsheets and fragmented corporate performance management applications are a thing of the past. Align your business using OneStream's People Planning solution from the XF Marketplace.

This solution helps business leaders plan on all elements of human capital by using drivers and dynamic calculations to project the costs of new hires or reductions in force and consider changes for compensation benefits, taxes, travel and other related expenses. Other key features/capabilities include the following:

  • Import existing employee information from leading HCM systems

  • Add new hires, transfers by title, grade and rate. Update with expected merit increases, promotions and other compensation changes

  • Pre-built tax and benefit calculations that vary country to country

  • Pre-built data entry forms, rules, calculations, reports and dashboards

  • Integration with other OneStream specialty planning solutions including Cash Planning

We all hope that our organization and employees won't be affected during these difficult times. Heck, we all wish that Coronavirus would just go away for ever! Hoping and crossing our fingers will only get us so far - the best thing that leaders can do right now is plan.

Download a full brief on the People Planning solution here:

Reach out to us at AIT Consulting to discuss your People Planning options. But more importantly, please stay safe.

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