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Pleasing your End Users with AIT's Landing Pages for OneStream

We all know that change can be intimidating, but often incredibly beneficial. Implementing #OneStream software solutions is definitely beneficial, but how do you get your end user on board? The easier to navigate, the better. AIT Consulting has successfully built tailored landing pages for our clients.

OneStream already has the capability to set the end user's home screen to their choosing. But what if that screen could look like this:

In the example above, there are a set of GL Accounting Workflow Tasks with their percentage of completion in the left margin. These tasks can be tailored to your organization's needs. On the home screen above, there are several buttons that can take the user to various locations/dashboards of their choosing. These landing pages can also be tailored by each users levels of security. Looks like in the example above, the CORP IS Variance Analysis is at 0%. What if by clicking on the IS Variance Analysis button, your end-user could be taken here:

Each of the buttons on the landing pages does something different, but equally valuable, depending on our client's needs.

With OneStream, the options are endless. At AIT Consulting, it's all about the ease of use. Reach out to us today to see how we can help your end users seamlessly navigate through OneStream with one of our tailored landing pages.

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