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Acquisition Integration

We offer acquisition integration management services and purchase price allocation and accounting services.

Acquisitions can create a significant amount of non-recurring work within an entity's finance organization. We are able to provide dedicated professionals to assist with this non-routine work, so your organization can quickly integrate the acquired company and get back to business.

In the past we have provided assistance with the following acquisition integration activities:

  • Establishing New Reporting Units

  • Establishing Consolidated Policies & Procedures

  • Analysis of Seller Company Finances

  • Data Migration

  • Historical Data Reconciliations

  • IFRS to US GAAP Conversions

  • ERP System Converions

  • Consolidation Tool Conversions

  • Pro Forma Reporting

  • Implementing Controls

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization with finance and accounting related acquisition integration planning and activities.

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