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Principal Investment Firm Empowers Performance Management Through Interactive OneStream Dash

Main Street Capital Case Study


We recently partnered with Main Street Capital to transform the firm’s portfolio performance management through custom, unified OneStream dashboards. Capitalizing on OneStream’s extensibility, the dashboards are dynamically integrated allowing full visibility into Main Street’s ever-growing portfolio. The resulting project removes the need for disparate excel workbooks, giving a single source of truth, enhanced analytics, automated reporting, and more!

We are thrilled to finally share this case study at the upcoming OneStream Splash Conference - hope to see you there! Until then, here is a sneak peek at what we will be covering!

Discover Main Street Capital’s OneStream Success Story…

Main Street Capital is a Houston-based principal investment firm that has helped over 200 private companies grow or transition. Prior to implementing OneStream, the firm's manual financial reporting process consisted of reviewing numerous Excel workbooks and nonstandard reporting packages. This made monitoring portfolio performance difficult and time-consuming.

The OneStream Solution

AIT’s custom dashboards were built to transform Main Street’s manual reporting process enabling:

  • Newfound ability to monitor performance

  • Multi-Cube design with over 50 portfolio company cubes

  • Capability to review standardized dashboards for all portfolio companies

  • Ability for portfolio companies to clearly track key metrics

  • On-demand managerial visibility

Single Source of Truth

Through the OneStream platform, AIT integrated Main Street’s reporting into a single application. This enabled the ability to review at an aggregated level or to drill down into a local portfolio company's chart of accounts, departments, segments, customers, or products. Benefits include...

  • Centralized location for Deal Teams to review

  • Consistent data interaction and ease of comparability

  • Ability to deliver uniform, portfolio-wide managerial views

Empowered Analytics

OneStream provides increased reporting flexibility. In the last year, Main Street Capital has integrated 30 additional portfolio companies and uses the platform to gain insights through interactive charts and reports. Analytics are enhanced by the...

  • Capability to seamlessly integrate additional portfolio companies

  • Ability to dynamically review portfolio company dimensions

Automated Reporting

Using standardized reports and dashboards with drill-down functionality, management utilizes OneStream to gain instant visibility into the firm's finances and KPIs. Countless hours of manual Excel reporting have been replaced with...

  • Standardized, automated reporting packages for each portfolio company

  • On-demand, intuitive dashboard reporting

  • Dynamic user-defined dimension drill-down

Interested in more information on OneStream's visualization and interactive dashboard capabilities? See AIT Consulting's full presentation at Splash 2021.


Contact us at AIT Consulting to discuss your customized OneStream solution today.

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